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In a time when mankind has been fighting a war, the environment has been improving and earth has been repairing itself. 

Humans have some of the most damaging effects on our environment. During lockdown, human activity has been significantly reduced and the world has started to flourish because of this. At The Kings Ferry Group, we want to explore the changes that have occurred around the world and focus on what individuals can do after lockdown to continue this positive movement. 

Let’s travel around the world to share these amazing stories… 

Italy was heavily impacted by the virus during the early stages of this pandemic.s We can now see that there has been incredible improvements within Italy’s environments due to the lockdown measures. 

All the while people were told to stay at home and isolate, other species came out and ventured to the land and sea. A big headline was the returning residents of the canals in Venice. Not only now is the water clear to see to the bottom but now the sight of fish, crabs and plant life are back. This is due to the reduction in  pollution being put into the water. You can even see that ducks have made nests by the canals and babies are being born! This is something that  may have not seemed possible only a few months back. 

Another visual impact through the change in pollution is in New Delhi. In March, India imposed lockdown and ever since the skies have become blue and clear – it is like the pollution has just blown away and the pollution levels have now fallen into the category of ‘good’. 

The skies have cleared so much that now people in Northern India can see the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains which are around 100 miles away! This has been the first time in around 30 years that this beautiful sight has been seen from this far. 

With many industries at a halt, like the coal industry, we have seen a significant reduction in the pollution that goes into both the air and water. Air pollution has also decreased especially with the fall in flights and travel; as much as we are all missing our holidays, at least we are making a positive difference from this. With the use of less transport the carbon emissions have fallen around the world, the UK has seen a decrease of 17% and America has recorded a 25% decrease in emissions! The less greenhouse gases that are contaminating the earth the more nature is being set free.

With all these positives around what is happening with nature and animals, there is one lingering question that is all on our minds. How long will this last? 

We are seeing industries return to work, which means an increase in travel and pollution levels. So what can we do, as an individual or as a company, to help maintain the healthier environment that we live in. 

Here are some helpful points to consider when things get back to what we used to call normal…

  • If you don’t do so already, please recycle. All plastics and paper can be recycled and our waste can be reduced. 
  • Reusable items such as water bottles and bags for life is one the most effective ways to help the environment. Save on buying water bottles and fill your water bottles up- this way you are saving the environment plus saving money! Same with bags- these bags can be for shopping or general use. Reusable canvas bags or bags for life have no expiry date… just keep reusing! 
  • Walk or cycle more! Whether this is to work or the shops. The less cars on the road, the less emissions in the air and you could also save a few pennies too! If this isn’t an option for you then maybe consider a car share or coach commuter service!
  • Clean up! We have all been tidying our homes and our gardens, becoming very house proud people. Why don’t we all treat the outside with the same respect? Don’t litter in the streets and dump unwanted items in the roads, as this is pollution that can be harmful to our nature.
  • Saving on electricity and water at home and in the office space obviously has a cost saving benefit y but it will also have a bigger positive effect on the environment. We understand for companies this can be hard especially if you are active 24 hours but a little difference can make a big change. 
  • Go paperless! Try and organise your bills and have them sent via email or posted onto your account. This will save on paper being produced on a daily basis plus you don’t need to worry about any delays. Companies should aim to go as paperless as possible with modern technology. A lot can be done on our computers and this can be easily accessible and harder to loose!

Returning back to that question that plays on all our minds when hearing these stories; How long will this last? Yes, this can last but for how long depends on one condition and that is that we make a change to help our environment.

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