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You may have noticed that there are a lot of challenges going around social media where friends and family can nominate others to take on certain tasks. So at The Kings Ferry Group we want to share with you what our teams have been doing during lockdown and challenge YOU to these activities. 

Lockdown has presented us with the opportunity to start new projects or take up new hobbies, all things that you kept saying to yourself that you wish you had time for or kept putting off because other priorities got in the way. So now with this extra time on our hands, let’s challenge ourselves, families and friends to make the most of all these new opportunities and you never know… you might actually be good at some of them! 

Let’s start off with the popular activity and one of the things lockdown rules insist we do once a day- Exercise! 

Exercise might be your forte or it might be a no go for some, but if you challenge yourself and set a target it might be the motivation you have been looking for. Sometimes adding a little competitive twist to things can also be encouraging. 

The teams at The Kings Ferry Group have been very active. A popular workout is with Joe Wicks (not just for the children), taking part in his Youtube HIIT workouts is a good warm up for the day. Another successful way to get active is using the couch to 5k app – sounds terrifying to new runners but it has proven to transform you into a pro!!

Gemma has managed to achieve two 5k runs (she doesn’t deny that there was a lot of walking) but has been using the app and each time has improved. She has set herself the goal of doing a 5k run under 30 minutes!! Let’s see if Gemma can beat the pro at running which is Vikki who has got back into her running shoes and achieved her personal best of completing a 5k run in under 30 minutes and has now challenged herself to a 10k!!! These women will be ready to do a marathon next! Watch out Mo Farah!

If these intense exercises are not for you and you want to maybe workout at a slower pace then yoga or pilates could be the challenge for you!! Steph is an expert in home pilates and has set a target to complete a lesson a day. All you need is some space and either the TV or phone – Youtube can be your teacher! Steph has also continued with her Zumba lessons but virtually using Zoom which has proven to be more upbeat and definitely full of fun and laughter!! 

Yoga is another core exercise which can help you to relax and prepare for the day ahead or even unwind. Yoga can be done with your friends and family over video calls – Sophia and Hayley have regular catch ups and teach each other yoga. Another great way to get some exercise plus catch up with your friends!

As you all know, the Government has asked people to limit their travel as much as possible during this pandemic. That’s not to say we still can’t get the bikes out and start pedalling! What better way to take in the fresh air, go on an adventure and capture some beautiful scenery! 

Once lockdown is over, we are going to have some athletes coming back to work!!! 

Challenges don’t need to be physical – why not challenge yourself to a new hobby or project? We have seen that some of our team have been using their time painting by numbers, sewing, gardening, reading and even redecorating the house!!! 

Painting by numbers has proven to be very relaxing and satisfying for Steph who has completed her Lion and made this short video to show her progress!! 

Set yourself a goal to read one book a month which can be easier now that there are companies doing free online book subscriptions so purchasing books has just been made easier! 

The weather has been perfect for getting your garden to look and being able to relax in it, firing up the BBQ and tucking in with the family! 

Here is a great set up for the children to enjoy something different in Lockdown – bring the annual camping holiday into your garden!

Whilst having to stay at home, we could also use the opportunity to decorate the rooms that we have been promising to do for a while or even do the decluttering that we have put off for some time now!! A great way to do this is to follow the day by day declutter challenge where in 30 days your home will have more space and decorating can commence! 

Our ‘Jack of all trades’ has been busy with his DIY skills during lockdown! Transforming some worn down items and upcycling  them into something useful for the summer! Jack has revamped an old lawn mower and created a barbeque stove from an old radiator. We will be testing that out once the lockdown has been lifted!! 

Jack even has taken exercise to a new level but starting to make his own exercise bike from an old bicycle!! Looking forward to seeing if his invention works out in a few weeks! 

Ending on a funny note. We are all victims of having neglected hair at the moment but we have seen that some people have taken up a new hobby in hairdressing. Here is one of our drivers that has allowed his partner to give him a nice trim around the sides… it is safe to say his wife will not be taking it up as a career once lockdown is over!! 

Let’s stay active whether that is our body or our mind! Being in lockdown can be hard on individuals but with motivation and maybe even some healthy competition we can get through this together! So at The Kings Ferry Group, we challenge you to… challenge yourselves! 

Stay at home, stay safe! 

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