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Vegan Retreats in the UK

Everyone is talking about the vegan lifestyle. Greggs have introduced the Vegan Steak Bake, KFC have their very own Vegan Burger and the likes of ASDA and Tesco’s are developing their existing vegan range. So with veganism being such a hot topic, should you try it?

Reports and research are suggesting that being vegan has incredible health and lifestyle benefits, as well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Therefore, overall, it seems like it could be a beneficial lifestyle change.

Of course, it is not for everyone and it would be silly to think that we could just stop our existing eating habits and change to the vegan way of life. However, it is definitely something worth exploring, so we have found some top UK vegan retreats to help you see what veganism is all about!

The Detox Barn

Comedy double act ‘The Funny Vegans’ and a menu full of plant-based foods, wholefoods eating and delicious vegan meals is on hand to support your annual detox. The Detox Barn in Suffolk will help you to feel energised, entertained and ready to conquer anything that comes your way!

Our Lizzy

Malvern, Worcestershire. Rolling hills, picturesque landscapes. An area of true outstanding beauty. Situated right in the heart of this beautiful town is the Our Lizzy B&B. Offering a host of tasty vegan treats on its menu and a cookery school to help you stay vegan at home, the Our Lizzy B&B is a deep dive into the vegan culture.

Hilton London Bankside Hotel

© 2020 Hilton

Hilton’s London Bankside is home to the world’s first-ever vegan hotel suite. The room itself uses materials that are 100% animal friendly. Its desk chairs are made with pineapple-leaf, the cushioned pillows created from buckwheat husks and the hotel boasts a delectable vegan-filled menu. If you want to get a true feel of the vegan lifestyle, then this retreat could be for you.

Bay Tree House

This award-winning vegan B&B based in the coastal town of Hastings is proud of it delicious organic continental breakfast that is served within the walls of the Victorian Villa. The setting allows you to escape the busy city life and indulge in tasty vegan cuisine.

Trying out the vegan lifestyle may not be for you. So there are other ways you can make healthier and more environmentally friendly choices. One way to do this is travelling by coach. If you are your group are planning a retreat, hiring a coach can take multiple cars off the road and in turn significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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