Over recent years we have seen the number of demonstrations and road closures etc. in and around Westminster steadily increase. 2019 so far has been particularly bad with significant disruption being caused to our services and customers journeys on a regular basis.

On occasions where services have not been diverted, 100% of our customers are impacted by the congestion and service delays caused by these events. The result is that customers boarding prior to Parliament Square are often sitting on coaches in standstill traffic and customers boarding after Parliament Square are left waiting at bus stops for prolonged periods of time at the mercy of the weather conditions. The common factor is that everyone arrives home later than expected.

Where advanced warning of these events is received, and services have started from Blackfriars, we have managed to achieve close to timetable and prevent disruption to our customers homeward journeys. For this reason, it is with regret that we must confirm that our commuter services will start from and terminate at Blackfriars from Monday 20th May 2019.

We understand that for some this will result in a longer journey to/from your nearest bus stop and would like to apologise for the inconvenience this causes to our customers who currently board in the Westminster or Embankment areas. We believe that this change will be to the benefit of all customer journeys which will become more consistent and reliable with fewer ad hoc disruptions.

Please note, there are also changes to the following effective from Monday 20th May 2019:

  • Alterations to the AM and PM departure times for some services
  • Amalgamation of the 761, 762 and 765 routes through High Halstow and Hoo
  • Reversal of the 764 route
  • Removal of the All Hallows and Cliffe sections of the route – unfortunately due to challenges with delivering services to these particular areas and low passenger numbers, these additional stops are no longer commercially sustainable.

To view all changes please click here: http://go.pardot.com/e/108602/etable-Commencing-20-05-19-pdf/6mvn4f/173116160?h=9i1nNTrmCuT8xTPZWF7NdieeaGvLNtzDu6ItNug2Ok4

We are committed to the future sustainability of our services and will continue to review our timetables to ensure that we adapt to market changes, customer demand and journey conditions.

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