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Happy Mother’s Day!

Things to do on Mother’s Day whilst self isolating. 

During this period of worry and uncertainty, it is easy to lose track of time and not be prepared for certain days coming up, one being Mother’s Day. Restrictions in place may prevent us being able to purchase gifts or cards and even going to see our loved ones on this Mothering Sunday. So, we have done our research and compiled some top tips to celebrate Mother’s Day even whilst social distancing and self isolating!

Watch a movie-  Going to the cinema at the moment is out of the question for a mother’s day activity but no one said you can’t create your own cinema lounge! Pull the curtains, get all the pillows and blankets ready and turn down the lights. So many films are accessible at the click of a button. From Now TV, Amazon, Netflix and Sky! Make the most out of watching the must see classics or set yourself a challenge to watch every episode of your favourite box set.. If you are not able to be with your loved ones then Netflix have offered this fantastic way to all be watching at the same time- the Netflix Party! 

Home spa day- You know the cupboard of random beauty products that we received 5 Christmases ago and still haven’t used- we are all guilty for it! Well, now is the time to get them out and put them to good use. Create your own spa day with your mothers; nails, facials, massages. Just light some candles and start relaxing in your dressing gown and slippers. 

Memories- We all collect photos and memories of days out and special events and Mothers especially collect all them baby photos and bad school photos. Looking through these albums to reminisce on the past times. We can guarantee that there will be some shocking fashion sense and haircuts throughout! 

Become creative-  Self isolating indoors means that we are restricted to what we have in the house. Many people have a lot of art and crafts  lying around that they didn’t even know they had! Create a fun and active game that involves creating new things out of random household items. Other creative ideas may involve games, candles, painting or even creating that memorable mother’s day card that was made with love. 

Cuppa and chat- If you can’t be around your loved ones at this current time then don’t worry there are many ways that we can still check in. Let’s make the most of the modern technology that we are fortunate to have- make a cuppa, sit down and facetime your loved ones. 

At the Kings Ferry Group, we urge everyone to stay safe and to be careful when traveling around. To all the Mothers on this special day, we wish you a relaxing Sunday and hope that our list of things to do can help you celebrate with your family. 

Maybe something like, if you are planning to take your mum somewhere as a mothers day treat, whether it is today or in the future. Our private hire vehicles are the perfect way to travel. Find out more by calling our team on 0208 778 6697 or get a quote today.

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