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Working from home now is becoming the norm for most of us in the working world! Some of you might be used to this and have the motivating routine planned out but others might be struggling to keep the momentum of working when there are so many more distractions! 

The idea is that we should all be able to work at the same level no matter where the desk space is but unfortunately this is not always the case.So let’s plan out a routine starting from the morning to when it is time to clock out! 

Here is The Kings Ferry Group’s daily routine…

Morning exercise – Your alarm is going and it is so tempting to keep snoozing as you know the commute to work is not going to be like before, but you need to get up at the same time and start this day properly! Get out of bed and find a clear space and do 20 minutes of yoga or meditation to refresh your mind to have a clear and focused start to the day. 

Don’t miss your first meal – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is often missed due to having to rush out of the house but there is no excuse when working from home! This can give you the energy and brain fuel to start the day of working!

Look smart, think smart – Get yourself ready just like you would when going to work – admittedly you might be wearing your slippers over shoes but at least try and look professional, this can help motivate you and relate as much to being in the office as possible. 

Clear desk, clear mind – Firstly make sure that where you chose to work is spacious and there are no distractions, make sure it is an appropriate work space with no TV and sofa. Next step is to make sure your desk is workable. There is nothing more demotivating than having a cluttered desk where no work can happen, so make sure everything has a place and there is room for you to work on each task one by one. 

Playlist – Having some background noise can help people stay motivated and it is a way to adapt your working from home environment to what you are used to in the office. You and your work team can make a joint playlist and share motivating tunes! 

Too many tabs in my mind – Don’t try and remember everything or store it all in your head, you don’t want to burn out! Write all your tasks on a post-it-note and create a to do board in which you can remove and add tasks as the day goes on. A great way to get all your ideas on paper and to prioritise your daily tasks! 

Daily check in – We are all used to working in teams or having people around us! Organise a team catch up every morning to check in on each other and to run through your daily tasks. This is the perfect way to plan out your day and get others input but also to make sure everyone is well and motivated! 

Change of scenery – Remember you are entitled to give yourself breaks and these should be as often as every hour. Quick 10-minute breaks away from your desk, whether it is to make a cup of tea or to go for a walk around the house. When you are due your lunch break make sure you leave your working area and change your scenery. Go for a walk around your local neighbourhood- Government guidelines state that we can go outdoors once a day to get exercise. This can refresh your mind for the afternoon. 

Clocking off – When it is time to finish at the end of the day, don’t over work! The commute home may be shorter than normal but that does not mean you work extra hours. You need to keep a good work/personal life balance and know when to clock off until the next day! Remember to tidy your desk so when you start the next morning you can repeat your routine!

During this current climate, we need to make the best out of these unusual situations. Stay positive and remember that together we can beat this! 

#StayAtHomeSaveLives #WorkingFromHome

If you’re travelling via public transport to work, please check out our page on how to keep safe whilst travelling.

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