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Private Hire COVID-19 FAQ

Is it compulsory to wear a face covering on board the coach?

Yes. The government has also issued guidance that customers cannot travel if they do not have a face covering.

What is classed as a face covering?

A face covering should cover the mouth and nose while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably and can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head to give a snug fit. It should remain in place of its own accord.

Do children need to wear a face covering on board?

Children under 3 years of age will not be required to do so. Children aged 4 – 14yrs will be asked to wear a face covering.

However, some leeway will be required for infant and primary school age children who may find this distressing or difficult and may therefore naturally fall into an exception of not wearing a face covering.

Are there any exceptions for wearing a face covering?

Yes, exceptions will apply to any customers who have a disability or medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering. We will ask the person who makes the booking to let us know prior to travelling if there will be any passengers travelling without a face covering. The driver will then be informed of any customers boarding without a face covering due to their medical condition or disability. 

Children under the age of 11 will also not be required to wear a face covering.

Am I able to remove my face covering to eat and drink during the journey?

Yes, your face covering can temporarily be removed whilst you eat or drink, but must be placed back on afterwards

If I don’t have a face covering, will I be refused to travel on board the coach?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a face covering on board unless you are under the age of 11 or you have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from wearing one.

If I get refused entry onto the coach for not having a face covering, will I be entitled to a refund?

No, you would not be entitled to a refund in these circumstances. The Government advice in England has been made clear on wearing a face covering on public transport and this was also made clear throughout the booking process.

Terms & conditions relating to this point:

You may be refused entry on-board the vehicle if you do not have an appropriate face covering, or You may be asked to leave the Coach if you persistently fail to comply with these rules. Please note you shall not be entitled to a refund if you do not have and/or fail to wear the face covering as directed.

Can I still use my mobile phone whilst on board the coach?

Yes you can still use your mobile on board but please use messaging apps rather than voice or video calling to avoid removing your face covering.

Will hand sanitiser be available onboard the coach?

Yes there will be hand sanitiser onboard every coach.

Will the driver be issued with PPE?
  • All drivers will be issued with masks, gloves, visors, antiviral wipes and hand sanitiser.
  • It is mandatory to wear the masks, gloves and visor whilst checking tickets, loading luggage or temperature checking.
  • It is not mandatory for the driver to wear the gloves, mask or visor whilst driving.
  • At each stop that the vehicle stops at, to allow passengers to board or alight, the driver must put his/her visor on if they are not behind a protective screen.
Will there be enhanced cleaning taking place on the coaches?

Yes, a rigorous process will take place overnight on each coach using specialised chemicals to aid full sanitation. 

During the day, the driver will be expected to keep the coach clean using the PPE and products provided and ensure procedures are followed at all times.

Will the WC be available for use on board the coach?

Yes, Toilets will be available for use onboard the vehicle.

Will I need to have my temperature checked before boarding the coach?

Yes, customers boarding a vehicle that has been booked through us will be temperature checked on the outward leg of the journey.

Are there any exceptions to temperature checking?

Infants between 0 – 3 years old are not to be temperature checked as this age range is susceptible to a high temperature due to periods of teething and attempting to temperature check an infant could also become a stressful experience for both child and parent. 

The driver will seek permission from the parent/guardian for children  4 – 13 years of age before attempting to temperature to check 

Customers wearing burkas, turbans or other cultural or religious head coverings are not to be tested on their forehead, but instead 3cm above their wrists.


Customers with a disability or medical condition will be requested to contact their Transport consultant before they travel to notify us of a reason that they will be unable to be temperature checked.

This will be detailed on your drivers work ticket.

If my temperature is high will I be allowed to travel on board the coach still?

If your temperature is above 38 degrees, due to the safety measures in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection you will not be able to travel on board.

Is it compulsory to have my temperature checked before boarding?

Temperature checking now forms part of our COVID – 19 special terms & conditions of travel to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. If you do not wish to have your temperature taken you won’t be able to board the coach. You would be responsible for making your own way home and you would not be entitled to a refund.

I have an outstanding quote/booking that doesn’t comply with current social distancing guidelines, what should I do?

Contact the Sales Team on to discuss options relating to your journey as the social distancing guidelines are subject to change. 

Your quote/booking may require re-quoting to ensure we are complying with the current guidelines.

If I make a booking based on current social distancing guidelines, but they are altered by the time I travel will my quote be affected by this?

If you make a booking with us based on current social distancing guidelines and at the point of travel these guidelines change then yes, your booking value may alter. If restrictions are lifted it could mean you would require fewer vehicles than initially quoted meaning your booking would be credited or if restrictions are increased, it may mean you require additional vehicles which will increase the overall price of your booking.

How will social distancing take place on board the coach?

The vehicle capacity will be reduced to up to 50%/0.8 meters with the following conditions in place:

  • The wearing of face coverings is mandatory for all passengers and strongly recommended for all drivers.
  • Plastic visors will be issued to all drivers and it is mandatory that these are worn during any interaction with customers – boarding and alighting/loading luggage.
  • Seats not available will be clearly marked out of use and signage will be displayed throughout each vehicle.
  • Fogging will take place daily
  • An air filtration unit will be fitted to all vehicles
  • Driver screens will be fitted to all vehicles
  • Hand sanitiser will be available onboard our vehicles
I am awaiting a refund, when can I expect to receive it?

Due to the current circumstances, refunds are taking longer than possible. Please bear with us and will process your refund as soon as possible.

If I make a booking and I am unable to travel due to COVID-19 what happens?

As per our Terms and Conditions, there is a non-refundable transport planning fee which equates to 20% of the booking value. As we appreciate the difficult situation lots of our customers are in right now we’ve lapsed a lot of our usual policies to be as flexible as we can. Due to the current circumstances, we appreciate that lots of travel is being re-arranged, hopefully when things get back to normal as soon as possible! 

This means we will credit the 20% Transport Planning Fee against your account instead, so that if you rearrange for next year or travel on another date, you can just use that amount towards the booking! We’re also removing any amendment fees for movements of bookings as well. If you would like to just completely cancel the booking, please contact us so that we can remove it from our system and amend the invoice to only reflect the Transport Planning Service.

Contact Clarkes of London today for a ‘quick quote’ and let us help you plan the perfect day trip – so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the day!

Commuter FAQ’s

How do I log onto the on-board WIFI?

To connect to our on-board WIFI, please select the network/hotspot name Coach-Wifi from your mobile device WIFI settings. When prompted, please enter the password CLARKES60

Where is my coach?
You can locate your coach using our Coach Tracker. We are also able to track the progress of each of our vehicles here at Head Office, so if you phone we can tell you exactly when you might expect your vehicle to arrive.
Where is my bus stop?
A map of the individual stops, or routes, may be viewed on this site.
Are their child travel concessions?
Sorry no, full price applies to all tickets.
Where can I purchase my ticket?
Tickets can be purchase via the booking portal (single, returns and local fares can only be purchased on the coach).
How much is my ticket?
Please visit our fares and tickets page.
How much is my ticket?
Please visit our fares and tickets page.
Why is my coach late?
Whilst we endeavour to run our services according to the published timetable, our best efforts can be hampered due to severe traffic congestion in and around London. We are often asked why we do not alter our timetable to compensate for this. Quite simply, our routes and timings are agreed by Transport for London as part of a larger network of commuter services travelling to and from London – any changes we make will therefore affect other commuter services. Bear in mind too that during the school holidays traffic moves more freely and timetable timings more readily achieved.
Can I use my Freedom Pass?
We have been instructed by London Councils that we ‘are not obliged to carry passengers using the Freedom Pass due to clients being able to purchase tickets in advance, therefore making our service a bookable service which differs from the typical red bus service to which Freedom Passes apply.’
Why has my coach not picked up at my stop?
Now and again our commuter vehicles are required to deviate from their normal route due to road works, demonstrations, etc. If changes to any part of our commuter schedules have to be made then we will notify you, via our website, email and Twitter as soon as we know about them
Can I get a seat?
We monitor our services very closely to ensure our commuter vehicles do not overload, however, on the rare occasion that this may happen our vehicles are seated only and it is not possible to carry any more passengers than seats provided. i.e. nil standees.
Where is my usual coach?
A rigid cycle of maintenance checks is carried out on our fleet, in line with current Department of Transport (DOT) legislation, which will necessitate your regular vehicle being taken out of service at some point. A cover vehicle will be used until your usual vehicle is ready to go back into service.
Where is my usual driver?
Sometimes cover drivers are used when a driver phones in sick or is simply away on holiday.
How do I access the new ticketing system?
You can access the new booking portal here.
Do I need a Smartphone to use the new system?
Not necessarily, period tickets (annuals, half yearly and monthly tickets) can be printed from your PC for scanning each time you board the coach.

Carnet tickets (books of singles and return journeys) will require the use of a portable web enabled device as these tickets must be activated by you online prior to each journey and then scanned on-board the coach.

How do I purchase tickets using the new system?
Not necessarily, period tickets (annuals, half yearly and monthly tickets) can be printed from your PC for scanning each time you board the coach.

Carnet tickets (books of singles and return journeys) will require the use of a portable web enabled device as these tickets must be activated by you online prior to each journey and then scanned on-board the coach.

Do I have to upload a photo to the digital ticketing system?
You must upload a photo for the purchase of annual season tickets, half yearly and monthly tickets.

The purchase of 10 single journey tickets and 40 single journey tickets will not require you to upload a photo.

Uploading a photo is simple and the ticketing system will ask you whether you want to either take a photo/selfie using your Smartphone or use a photo already stored within your Smartphone photo library.

Here are the acceptable photo guidelines:

  • Photo should be a recently taken passport-style photo of you.
  • Only head and shoulders should be visible.
  • No hats or scarves and your face should not be obscured.
  • The photo should be a good resemblance of you for identification purposes.

Note that your ticket may be refused if you cannot be identified clearly.

What does activating a ticket mean?
To use your ticket, you first need to activate it by clicking the Activate Ticket button. Please be aware that activating the ticket will mean that it will become available to use straightaway and it will expire per its validity.
How do I use the ticket when boarding the coach?
Your ticket is accessed in your phones web browser and displayed on your phone. If displayed on your web browser you can add a direct link for the ticket to your phones Home Screen so that you can access it easily when boarding the coach. Refer to your phones manual for details of how to save a link to your Home Screen.
How can I update the details on my account?
Log into your account and select ‘My Account’ from the drop down menu to edit your personal details.
How do I reset my account password?
Log into your account and select ‘My Account’ from the drop down menu to change your password.
How do I change the mobile number/email address linked to my account?
In order to protect your account, please contact if you would like your linked mobile number or email address changed.
Do I have to transfer my current annual/paper tickets onto the mobile ticketing system?
No, you can continue to use your current card/paper tickets until they expire. Any new ticket purchases made after the introduction of mobile ticketing will then by via the new system.
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