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Museum at night weekend – Virtual tours from home!

This weekend is dedicated to Museums displaying their exhibitions at night. Given the current climate this year’s museum visits have been a little different, however various popular museums have made it possible to walk through its front doors from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tours have been put in place for you and your family to experience the fun creating a new and exciting way to educate our children during lockdown! 

So why not set up a cinema experience where you and the family can step into your screen and experience history, science and art without stepping out your door! Here are some popular London Museums that are our favourites to visit! 

Victoria and Albert Museum.

The V&A is one of London’s most popular Art and Culture museums that is visited by various age groups and is the location of some of the most sold out exhibitions in the country. The V&A have collated information from each collection that you can see within its grand building; from fashion to photography and artist’s painting collections. This is a perfect tour for the art lovers and craft enthusiasts to get inspiration and instead of getting lost within the walls of the museum- you can get lost within the website links!

Natural History Museum

If you had plans on seeing the blue whale this summer, don’t worry as the museum has put on a virtual tour explaining the history of Hope and her journey to being displayed in the Hintze Hall. There are more tours online through the Hintze Hall that are guided by no other than Sir David Attenborough!

From the comfort of your own home you can hang out with scientists, get up close and personal with nature and find out what it is like going on a ‘dino dog’. You’ll actually find that you can explore closer and across the world from your laptop!

Science Museum 

Although the museum is closed to the public, the inspirational collections it contains can still be enjoyed via online. You can (virtually) walk around the exhibitions with Google street view and see the popular exhibitions or a series of short videos that are available for you to view. This is an incredible opportunity to take tours around the major galleries and guided by the experienced curators. 

At the Science Museum there are some new exhibitions related to space stories that are truly out of this world! Or even the stories behind history being made in the world of science and technology that has influenced our present day.

British Museum 

First opening in 1759, the British Museum is dedicated to being a place for ‘all studious and curious persons’ and during this pandemic they are still determined to keep it that way. The Museums website offers a Google street view of the museum’s layout, plus audio tours from curators, a museum podcast to listen to; and to liven up home schooling they have offered digital resources to help with History. 

Struggling to get your children away from Youtube videos? Well we may have the answer.The British Museum has its own Youtube channel called Curators Corner where kids can learn and get involved.

Houses of Parliament 

Lastly, we see this environment alot lately on the TV and normally we can go and visit the Houses of Parliament and learn the history behind the building plus find out who has stepped foot into these walls all those years ago.

The virtual tour can take you into every room, chamber and gallery within the building. This is an interesting tour to embark on and an educational trip into the walls that some of the toughest and most important decisions are made!

These tours might not have the same vibe as walking around the exhibitions but during these times it is the safest way to learn more, plus, you won’t be told off if you want to look closer and touch!! 

Stay safe, stay at home and explore the wonders of the museums! 

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