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Christmas has been and gone and soon the New Year’s celebrations will go the same way. That means that before long, we’ll all be facing the unenviable task of trying to get re-accustomed to our daily routines and returning to work.

Without the festivities to look forward to, and the continued dark mornings and a commute to contend with, it can be a struggle. Fear not though, as help is at hand. Just follow these tips and you’ll find the return to work is not as bad as you feared.

Adjust your sleep routine slowly

Don’t wait until the day before you’re due to start back at work to get your sleep routine back on track, because even an early night won’t save you at this point. If you’ve been partying until 2am for the rest of the holidays, you’ll just find yourself lying there counting sheep, not tired enough to drop off. Instead, start going to bed and getting up a little earlier for a few days before you’re due back in the office.

Lay your clothes out for the following day

After a couple of weeks of alternating between a onesie and a sparkly top, you can suddenly find that your skill at office dressing has unexpectedly deserted you. Ease yourself back in and cut the stress by laying out your clothes the night before. This will also mean you’re sure that all your office attire isn’t still languishing at the bottom of the laundry basket where you hurled it before Christmas.

Use the commute to clear your emails

Probably the most dreaded thing about going back to work after any period away is an inbox full of unread emails. Use the time it takes you to commute to take a cursory glance over your inbox and decide which ones are the most important. That way you can hit the ground running when you reach the office.

Instead of focusing on the negatives – namely being in the office and not tucked up in bed at 9am – think about all the positive changes you’re going to make this year. Having well thought-out goals and new ideas will help you to be enthusiastic about returning to work and tackling new challenges. These will drive you forward and mean you don’t dwell on missing being on holiday.

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