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Happy Easter Sunday from The Kings Ferry Group. 

Easter Sunday 2020 is going to be a bit different compared to other years but let’s not let ruin the fun! Kids love Easter mainly for the chocolate and activities and we have ideas for a fun packed day, all you need is some imagination, arts and crafts and lots of chocolate! 

  1. Easter Egg Hunt – It would not be Easter if it was not for the classic easter egg hunt which can be done indoors or in the garden. Clues and a map can be added and don’t worry if you don’t have much chocolate- you can hide anything!!! Just remember where you placed it all!
  2. Easter baking – Let’s get messing in the kitchen and make easter themed cakes! This involves a lot of chocolate and decorating so perfect to entertain the children! Just remember to keep the egg shells – you’ll find out why soon!
  3. Egg decorations – Keep all your empty egg shells and get out the arts and craft draw – let’s get creative! Decorate each egg with paint and glitter or try and make different easter characters. 
  4. Be a bunny – Whilst you have all the paints and glitter out, why don’t you make bunny masks for the children to dress up, hop and play! 
  5. Competition – A favourite school activity that can now be done at home is to make an Easter bonnet. Create this easter themed hat and share with family and friends! Why not set a competition to see who can make the best bonnet? 
  6. Easter walk – Remember to not keep yourselves locked up all day inside, even if the indoor activities are fun and exciting! It is important to get some exercise and especially some fresh air. 
  7. Tea Party – A great activity for lunch or dinner can be to have a garden tea party where you can invite the Easter bunny! Have easter themed treats and learn about Easter stories. 
  8. Easter Movie – Watch the bunny themed movie- ‘Hop’. This is a great family friendly movie that will be the perfect to finish the excitement of Easter Sunday. 

Easter Sunday may not be spent with all our loved ones but try and make a positive out of the current situation by having an Easter party via video calls! 

Together we can beat this one day at a time! 

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