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Mobile Ticketing

  • Book tickets via the Web
  • Manage your Bookings on your Dashboard
  • Top up your Wallet
  • Scan as you board
  • SMS & E-ticket options available
You no longer have to carry large amounts of cash around or print a receipt in order to buy your ticket on-board the coach.

Our brand new mobile ticketing service allows you to book, manage and use your tickets with your smartphone, tablet or even your PC.

Once you have purchased your ticket, simply display it on your device, send your mobile the ticket via SMS or (if you haven’t a smartphone or tablet) email yourself the ticket so you can print it. 

In order to use the ticket – scan the barcode/qrcode on the small scanner device located near the entrance to board the coach.

You can top up your wallet to speed up future purchases when out and about too. You can have your ticket and use it within minutes!

Please note: If you use a smartphone with an internet connection there is no need to print tickets, you simply scan your ticket from your mobile device as you board.

Click the ‘How to Guide’ below to see how you can purchase your next commuter ticket with Mobile Ticketing

How to use your tickets

Navigate to the ‘My Tickets’ section of your account and choose one of the 3 options below that best suits you.

Please note. These options below will only be available for season tickets less 96 hrs before the start date.

Click ‘Show ticket’ on your device.

(For ‘Books’ of tickets this will say ‘Activate and Use New Credit’)


Click ‘Send Ticket Link by SMS’. This will send your mobile a text message with a link to view the ticket. Click on the link in the text message. Confirm activation if it’s the first time or if you need to use a new credit of a ‘Book’ purchase.

Click ‘Send E-ticket Version’.

This will send a printable ticket to your registered email address. Please note to activate and view tickets an internet connection is required.

Top Tip: For easy access of your ticket at a later time, try a screen shot of the QRcode/barcode so that you have a copy of it in your camera roll/photo library.

On-board the coach

Display the QR code part of the ticket on your device or paper as you board the coach and place it on/near the scanner (glass area/window). When it beeps then the ticket has been scanned. The driver will let you know if it’s a successful scan (valid ticket) or not. 

Find out more in our FAQ’s
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