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Maximise Your School Travel Budget

The easy way to safeguard your school travel budget, giving you extra time to use it up!

Safeguard Your School Travel Budget

We understand that school travel budgets are tight and need to be maximised. On one hand it’s great having budget leftover but on the other it’s also a pain because now you’ve got to decide how to spend it before you risk losing it! 
Whether your budget runs within the academic year, calendar year or financial year, you don’t want to risk any of your remaining budget going to waste when the year is up. We have come up with a savvy way of helping you safeguard your budget – so it doesn’t get taken away!
All you need to do is tell us how much travel budget you have remaining at the end of the year and we will arrange an immediate invoice for you. And don’t worry, we’ll give you until the end of the following year (academic, calendar or financial year) to use up your leftover budget. 
Once you start to confirm your requirements we will deduct the cost of each individual trip you are arranging from the budget that you have ‘lodged’ with us until it has been used up. 
If you are looking to safeguard your travel budget or want to find out more, contact our travel consultants today!


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