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Dating back to the 1960’s, music festivals have long been an important part of British summer. The Isle of Wight Festival was the first ever mainstream festival to take place in the UK. Following the unprecedented success of the Isle of Wight Festival, festivals started popping up all over the country. Glastonbury followed closely behind the Isle of Wight Festival and is now the largest greenfield festival in the world. With hundreds of thousands of people heading to music festivals each year, coach hire is one of the most popular modes of transport.

Why hire a coach for festivals

Coach hire for festivals is a fantastic alternative to car or train transport. With a coach there’s no need to worry about overpriced car parking fees or lugging your camping gear from the platform to the festival. Your coach driver will drop you off at the gates of the festival, saving you time and money, so you can get the party started sooner.

Hiring a coach has plenty of benefits, aside from being the most cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of transport. Coach hire allows you to travel with all your fellow festival-goers, making sure you all arrive on time and together. You’ll be able to get the party started on-board and in the privacy of your own coach.

Coaches have an added safety element. Your dedicated driver will make sure you get there and back safely. So there is no need to worry about a designated driver or getting enough sleep for the drive home, not that anyone sleeps at a festival. You can feel safe in the comfort that your driver is always fully refreshed and ready for the drive no matter how long it is. Trust in us, we’ve been doing festival coach hire for as long as we can remember.

Hiring a coach for your festival

Organising a festival is no easy feat. With decades of experience working with festival co-ordinators and ticket providers, we know how stressful it can be arranging coach hire. That’s why with Clarkes of London, you can focus on the main event and leave the transport to us.

Most of our clients work with us by offering a combination ticket; festival access and coach transport. With a highly experienced team you can feel assured that no matter the scale of your event, we will deliver. We have arranged hundreds of movements for individual festivals nationwide. As festival coach hire is usually arranged on mass, we recommend contacting our team at least 6 months in advance.

As part of The Kings Ferry Group, we have access to the UK’s leading and largest network of operators via the KF Connections brand. This gives us the ability to offer any vehicle, anytime, anywhere in the UK. If you’re looking to offer coach hire to your festival, please contact our team on 08456 434 123 or head over to the KF Connections website here.

How to book festival coach hire

We recommend booking private coach hire for festivals at least two months in advance if you are a group. To make a booking, you can call the team on 020 8778 6697. Our team of in-house transport consultants are fully experienced in festival transport and will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you enquire with us to the last passenger drop-off, we always endeavour to go the extra mile.

You can also contact the team by emailing or by filling in a quick quote form using the button below.

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