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Cirque du Soleil returns to London in January with OVO

Clarkes of London Cirque-De-Soleil

There are certain things you should do at least once in your life and seeing Cirque du Soleil perform is among them. If you’ve never watched anything at the Royal Albert Hall either, then coming up is the perfect opportunity to tick two wonderful experiences off your bucket list in one go.

The world-renowned theatrical troupe will be returning to London in January, but this time with a new show. OVO has never before been performed in the UK, but the incredible choreography of Deborah Colker, along with her clever writing and direction, is sure to wow audiences.

Love song to Mother Nature

OVO is something of a love song to Mother Nature, depicting a complex insect ecosystem that is teeming with life and colour. The insects on the ground are elevated 14 metres above the stage in a gravity-defying trapeze act

All kinds of hexapods are represented, from crickets and ants to ladybirds and fleas, all brought to life by Cirque du Soleil’s talented performers. Venture into their world and see them crawl, flutter, eat, work and play, as well as fall in love and fight.

The plot

While it is the aerobatics that draw the most attention, all of the stunts are hung around a love story between a fly and a ladybird. Things are not so straightforward, however, as the fly has arrived on the scene with a huge egg and none of the insect community can predict what it might mean for them.

Performance highlights

If you’re always telling the kids not to play with their food then they’ll be particularly excited to see what the ants do with the supersize corn on the cobs they’ve spent the day collecting. Twirling, bouncing and passing the giant fruit and veg between each other, it’s a mesmerising show of coordination.

Of course, being Cirque du Soleil, it’s the aerial work that is most impressive, with the spider heading high up in the air and the butterflies swooping in perfect unison. The 20-strong acrobatic finale features an eight-metre tall vertical wall, which is sure to impress.

The lowdown

Cirque du Soleil’s OVO will be performed from January 7th to March 4th, with multiple performances each day. The show lasts two hours and is split up with a 20-minute interval. Tickets are already on sale. The best way to get to the Royal Albert Hall is by hiring a coach, taking out the stress of driving or working out train and Tube routes.


Photo credit: iStock/fazon1