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Being a coach driver for one of the most luxurious coach companies in the UK certainly has its perks. Our drivers have met famous faces, attended weddings, had some uninvited guests and even appeared on TV!

Racking up thousands of miles between them every week, they are the best storytellers on the road. Have a read of some of their most memorable moments…

A Fast Food Stop Off

We once had John Travolta and his family on-board. They were travelling on the Orient Express and during the coach leg of the journey, he asked the coach driver to drive into London with just him and his family on-board. He stopped off along the way and bought his family and the driver a McDonalds.

The Biggest Boyband in the World

During the London 2012 Olympics we transported a host of big names; Sir Paul McCartney, The Spice Girls, The Who and One Direction. One of our VIP drivers Kevin recalled how down to earth the One Direction members were. “They settled in the rear lounge and looked relaxed, they were really friendly and shook my hand as they left.”

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go VIP

Earlier this year, Billy Ocean performed live in 9 locations across the UK on ‘The Best of Billy Ocean’ tour. Billy and his team travelled on-board one of our VIP coaches, driven by Daniel.

“So, I turned up to work and checked my pigeon hole for the jobs I had coming up. I couldn’t believe what I’d been given, the Billy Ocean tour! I was buzzing, I heard that something big had come in a few days before but never imagined it would be assigned to me. Definitely a highlight of my career meeting Billy Ocean, what an honour!”

Not only was Daniel invited backstage where he was able to get some photos of the singer and his band but he was also given complimentary tickets to watch the show.

Billy Ocean and his band on The Best of Billy Ocean Tour UK

Billy Ocean Singing on The Best Of Billy Ocean Tour UK

The 28 Day Battle

Our VIP driver Frank embarked upon an incredible 28-day trip with Prime Minister David Cameron during his Conservative campaign back in 2010. “I found him to be very approachable, interesting and friendly. This trip was very enlightening and I would enjoy doing a trip like this again if given the opportunity.”

Shortly after the campaign came to a close, Frank received a letter through the post thanking him for his service.

The letter read, “ Dear Frank,

Thank you very much for your commitment and hard work during the election campaign.

It was down to your constant dedication that we were able to visit such a high number of marginal seats and meet so many members of the public.

I know that everyone who travelled on the campaign coaches was impressed not only with the professionalism and expertise of your driving, but also the politeness and high level of customer service that you provided. I am also hugely grateful to you for the commitment you gave during the final 36 hour campaign. Without you, this simply would not have been possible. That we were able to cover the ground we did and were delivered safely to our final destination is testament to your skill and expertise.

Once again, many thanks for your hard work throughout and for literally going the extra mile!

With my thanks,


former-Prime Minister David Cameron letter to Frank at The Kings Ferry Group

Getting Cold Feet

Our Managing Director, Ian Fraser was asked to present an award at the Music Week Awards alongside actor James Nesbitt OBE. Before walking on stage the event organisers told Ian he would only need to open the envelope and announce the winner, it sounded simple enough. However, when Ian walked out on stage there was an autocue. First it showed James’ script which was a couple of sentences and then it showed Ian’s script followed by a HUGE paragraph that he had to read out. Panic set it and Ian cut straight to opening the envelope without saying a word! James was laughing on stage and said, “I love it when these things go wrong!”

Where’s Woody?

Our VIP Driver Frank had the exciting opportunity to drive the ‘Rest of the World’ at Soccer Aid 2010. He met some great legends such as, Jamie Redknapp, Zidane, Mike Myers and Woody Harrelson. Frank recalls one day when he saw Woody Harrelson walk down by the river without any security guards, thinking that was a bit odd. Shortly after, a load of security guards ran out towards Frank asking if he’d seen Woody to which he said, “Yes, he walked down by the river!” When they finally found him, he was playing football in an enclosed pitch with a load of kids!

Frank was with the ‘Rest of the World’ team for a full week driving them to their training ground at Fulham, before taking them to the Soccer Aid Match at Manchester United’s ground. He even got given a full breakfast from Woody Harrelson!

Fast Cars & Big Stars

“I had the pleasure of being with Santander and taking the president of the company and his family to the 2010 Silverstone Grand Prix. One evening, the Santander president invited English Formula 1 Driver, Lewis Hamilton to join him for dinner and I drove them to the restaurant on-board the VIP coach.”

“He was a very polite and kind person, it was a pleasure to meet all of the Santander team and Mr Lewis Hamilton.”, says VIP Driver, Frank.

The Bodyguard

Our VIP driver was with Whitney Houston for three days in Manchester while she was performing at Manchester Arena. She travelled with a huge entourage and a lot of security. “I remember thinking her bodyguards were massive and really scary!”, recalls Frank.

Strictly Business

Our VIP Driver Frank ended up in the local newspaper after driving the Strictly Come Dancing professionals and celebrities from BBC Television Centre in London to Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. “It’s a really fun job because they’re all such nice people. They treat me really well and there’s always someone laughing. Everyone has a bit of a sweet fight at the beginning of the journey on Friday.”, says Frank.

Amongst the celebrities was Maidstone MP Ann Widdecombe. Speaking on Ann, Frank said, “We stopped at the services on the M6 and she got mobbed by fans there. She’s a lovely woman, as is Pamela Stephenson.”

However, not all the celebrities got on at the BBC Television Centre, “I had to pick up Matt Baker from Oxford services and his little boy sat in the driver’s seat and pretended to drive the coach, which was lovely.”

Frank didn’t just have the professionals and contestants on-board, the judges came on too. “They used to set up the judges in the rear lounge, including Len Goodman. They would hook up the coach TV’s and watch the celebrities and dancers doing their rehearsals.”, said Frank.

Frank from The Kings Ferry Group in Local Newspaper

Our drivers have had some weird and wonderful experiences driving their coaches all over the UK and Europe. If you’re looking to become a coach driver and tell your own unique stories, take a look at our current vacancies for licensed and non-licensed PCV drivers.

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