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Awarded ‘Large Coach Operator of the Year UK’ 2010, 2011 and 2013. As well as a respected organisation within our industry, Clarkes of London appreciate the support from its staff, loyal clientele and industry professionals enabling our organisation to excel.

What the international coach judges say…

“At the end of a long debate the judges faced a real dilemma, because there is a very fine line between Clarkes of London and its peers in the category … some of which have an enviable record of success in this and other categories. However, the decision goes decisively in favour of Clarkes of London, having achieved excellence and sustained excellence, has built on its reputation as ‘the best in the business.”

Route One Excellence Awards

2013/14 – Large Coach Operator of the Year UK
2011/12 – Large Coach Operator of the Year UK
2009/10 – Large Coach Operator of the Year UK
1995/96 – Large Coach Operator of the Year UK

Peterborough Coach Rally

2012 – The Chapman Stephens Insurance Trophy for the Top Touring and Express Luxury Coach
2012 – Best dressed crew over 21 vehicles category
2012 – LTCOA Martin Cornell Trophy for the highest placed member in all classes
2011 – Mercedes-Benz Award, Best in Class
2010 – Mercedes-Benz Award, Best in Class
2010 – Coach of the Year Award
2010 – Peter Rogers Trophy

Brighton Coach Rally 40+ Years

2009 – Top VDL Berkhof, Leisurewear Direct Trophy
2004 – Top Standard Coach
2004 – Top Scania
2003 – Top Touring Coach, Kassbohrer Trophy, Boon’s Award
2002 – Smartest Uniformed Driver and/or courier (Large fleet)
2002 – Coach Tourism Council
2002 – Jonckheere Trophy, Volvo Trophy
2002 – Coach of the Year, Kassbohrer Trophy, Mercedes Award, Coach Tourism Council Trophy, Allen & Douglas Trophy
2001 – Top Standard Coach, Allen & Douglas Trophy, Coach Tourism Council Trophy
2000 – Boon’s Award, Allen & Douglas Trophy
1998 – Top Mini/Midi Coach, Salvador Caetano Trophy, Toyota Optimo Midi Coach Trophy
1998 – Best in All Classes, Jonckheere Trophy, Yeates Trophy
1998 – Top Standard Coach, Michelin Gold Award, Boon’s Award, Best Integrated Livery & Décor
1997 – Jonckheere Trophy, Yeates Trophy
1996 – Top Touring/Luxury Coach, Jonckheere Trophy, Smartest Uniformed Team
1996 – Top Lady Driver (Elaine Wake)
1995 – Peter Bostock Trophy (Roy Hall), Best Standard Coach, Jonckheere Trophy, Smartest Uniformed Team
1995 – Michelin Trophy, Yeates Trophy
1994 – Moseley Trophy
1967 – Top Touring/Luxury Coach