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Safety at Clarkes of London

We are 100% focused on delivering the highest safety standards across all aspects of our business.

We value the safety of our customers; employees; other road users and the general public.

At Clarkes of London we have a ‘Vison and Values’ which helps explain to our customers what we stand for.  Our Vision and Values also helps shape the way we act each and every working day.

As you would expect Safety is one of our 5 Core Values – and put simply states that ‘we only do what is safe and stop any unsafe behaviors’.  This value underpins everything we do across every part of our business.

Your safety while travelling with Clarkes of London is of paramount important to us.  Clarkes of London have invested heavily in training to ensure that the whole team fully understand and buy into the safety policies and procedures which have been adopted.  Our ‘Driving out Harm’ Scheme, which is part of the National Express nationwide safety programme, provides safety training for drivers, engineers and staff across all sites including the Clarkes of London site in Sydenham.

In conjunction with the Driving out Harm Scheme there are a whole raft of other safety initiatives in place including; driving assessments; safety announcements for passengers and manual handling training to name just three To provide passenger peace of mind our entire fleet is fitted with alcholock units.  These require our drivers to blow a clear sample of breath into an analyser machine before the vehicle will start.  We have a ‘zero tolerance’ drug and alcohol policy.

In addition all of our vehicles are fitted with the very latest driver telematics system which allows us to monitor driver behavior and alerts us to any unsafe driver manoeuvres.  Real time data captured every time one of our coaches is driven is used as part of our ongoing Driver Development Programme – which aims to improve driving standards and reduce accident risk.

Each of our vehicles undergoes rigorous and regular safety inspections, including a First Use Check every morning before departure.  In addition all of our coaches are fitted with CCTV and tracking devices which give passengers added security and peace of mind.

A number of our drivers are trained in the techniques of defensive driving and they help us cascade these techniques throughout our Driver Team.  We’re also very proud to have a number of accredited Advanced Drivers on the team.

Risk assessments are prepared and reviewed throughout our business for all aspects of our work and comprehensive safe working practices are devised and communicated throughout the team.

Our commitment to safety is unwavering and our approach constantly reviewed.